मकरसंक्रांति २०२४ । Makarsankranti 2024.

BraWo Marathi Mandal celebrated its first event of Sankranti Haldikunkum and Boranhan for women and children this year in a traditional manner and in a very lively atmosphere.

Women and children of our BraWo Mandal celebrated this year’s Makar Sankranti by saying “Tilgul ghaya Goad Bola”.

The program started with “Boranhan”, followed by the exchange of Haladi-Kumkum & Waan and by taking name of husband in traditional manner – “Ukhana”.

Enthusiastic participation of all Ladies and small Children brought new Energy to the program and made the beginning of this year enjoyable and Colourfull.

Program concluded with the children’s prizes distribution of kite painting competition and refreshments.

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